MOLESWIND: HUNTED BY THE DARK ELVES This is the first adventure of Nathaniel Moleswind Esq; a cheeky and tricksy noggle: He is an agile elf of modest stature who is bold, daring, and sometimes a little foolhardy! In this tale Moleswind and his friends discover a magical emerald and silver mace, interrupting their dangerous game of darefall. Their discovery leads to encounters first with a massive ogre, then the (relatively) friendly Syth elves and finally, the Ursyth, aark and malicious elves live beneath a circle of standing stones and delight in hunting down their enemies like wild animals ... Written and illustrated by Cornelius Clifford, this fantasy story is set in the Hidden Realms world 48 pages, black white line drawing illustrations, (PDF format) electronic book. Get your FREE copy here: Hunted by the Dark Elves (using our secure Payhip page)
Copyright Cornelius Clifford 2020
The Adventures of Moleswind, book one, Hunted by the Dark Elves
Book one in the Adventures of Moleswind HUNTED BY THE DARK ELVES
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