Forest Folk of the Wild Wood, a fantasy book by Cornelius Clifford
FOREST FOLK OF THE WILD WOOD There are vast tracts of forest and wilderness in the Hidden Realms; one of the magical worlds beyond reality’s edge. These wild places are untamed and remote from humankind, but plenty of people live there. For the Forest Folk are still people; they have two arms, two legs and one head (well, most of them.) But at the same time you can be sure of one thing ~ they are not human! 102 pages, more than 80 black white line drawing illustrations, paperback Buy Forest Folk of the Wild Wood here: Price = £4.99 plus £1.60 p&p This definitive guide to the (non- human) peoples of the wilds is based on the notebooks of that renowned scholar of the Hidden Realms; Cornelius Clifford. Within the pages of this book you will learn a lot about the tribes who inhabit the wild places. They can be anything from flying faeries, barely six inches tall, to enormous forest giants standing fifteen feet or more. Some of the wild people are fantastically magical, others are utterly monstrous. In this book Master Clifford describes and illustrates a goodly number of the free tribes he has discovered on his journeys through the wilds of the Hidden Realms.
ATLAS OF THE HIDDEN REALMS The Hidden Realms Atlas is a complete medieval fantasy world and the setting for many of Cornelius Clifford’s fantasy books, stories and videos. In this atlas there are twelve highly detailed maps, plus descriptions of every place, town, city, country and empire mentioned on the maps. Lots of charming black and white illustrations. Great fun to explore for anyone! 74 pages, over 12 black white maps, profusely illustrated, soft cover, 29.7 x 21 cms Buy the Atlas from DriveThruRPG: Soft cover book, Price = $19.99 (Print on demand, inc. P&P) Downloadable pdf file = $14.99
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This Atlas of the Hidden Realms illustrates an amazing and unique medieval fantasy world created over many years by Cornelius Clifford. Includes twelve highly detailed pen & ink maps and literally hundreds of entries in the gazetteer. Descriptions of the countries, realms, tribal territories, peoples, towns, cities, villages and more can be discovered and explored in this fabulous and magical medieval world. Profusely illustrated with line drawings of fantasy buildings from the Hidden Realms, this could well be one of the most comprehensively mapped fantasy worlds available. Ideal setting for all sorts of gaming, especially medieval fantasy or old school role playing. Illustration and design by Cornelius Clifford. The scale of the maps is roughly ten miles to one inch.
Atlas of the Hidden Realms
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Atlas of the Hidden Realms by Cornelius Clifford, this book maps and describes a complete medieval fantasy world
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