Mapping a complete fantasy world A unique and magnificent fantasy book mapping the entire Hidden Realms world. Written and illustrated by Cornelius Clifford. The Hidden Realms is a comprehensive medieval fantasy world and the setting for most of Cornelius Clifford’s fantasy books This unique fantasy book includes twelve highly detailed pen & ink maps of the Hidden Realms and is illustrated with line drawings of fantasy buildings and creatures - and could well be one of the most comprehensively mapped fantasy worlds around. Buy now for $14.99 MORE
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The Faerie Changeling, a fantasy novel for children by Cornelius Clifford
The Faerie Changeling A full length fantasy novel by Cornelius Clifford. In this classic children’s tale, a young human magically acquires the ability to transform into a faerie and back again whilst swimming in an enchanted pool. She uses this marvellous talent to help a good witch and a reluctant half-goblin lead their village in rising up against cruel and oppressive overlords. You can buy this difgital ebook for $3.99 MORE
Hunted by the Dark Elves, free fantasy eBook, first in the Moleswind series of epic fantasy adventures
Moleswind Hunted by the dark elves This is a free fantasy ebook and the first in the Moleswind series of epic fantasy adventures set in the Hidden Realms. Download your copy here for free… MORE
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Moleswind and the Goblin invasion Young Moleswind finds himself entangled in a great battle between the forest folk and two invading goblins hordes. This fantasy book by Cornelius Clifford is the second in the Moleswind series of fantasy adventures set in the Hidden Realms. Download your copy here for $2.99 MORE
Hobbit houses An exploration of how underground dwellings, or ‘hobbit houses’ might be built, including construction methods, detailed plans and designs for round windows and doors,, roof structures and much more; $2.95 MORE
Moleswind and the Dark Enchanter A fantasy book by Cornelius Clifford, third in the Moleswind series of fantasy adventures set in the Hidden Realms. Download your copy here for free MORE
Atlas of the Hidden Realms by Cornelius Clifford, this book maps and describes a complete medieval fantasy world
A sketchbook of Steampunk airships, dirigibles and fantasy skyships by Cornelius Clifford
An amusing sketchbook of Steampunk airships, dirigibles and skyships $2.99 MORE
Fantasy books and stories set in the Hidden Realms Professor Clifford has sketched and written about the fantasy world of the Hidden Realms for many years and covered a vast number of subjects along the way: From underground dwarvish cities, to hobbit houses, from fantasy tree houses to medieval style maps and plans for role players, castles and manors, fantasy novels and fantasy stories, and much, much more besides. You can download his fantasy books in PDF format here. Many of Cornelius’s books are free to download and others cost about the price of a cup of coffee. Once you have downloaded your copy you can print it out, store it on your computer or device and read it as many times as you like. Your instant download is handled by Payhip using a secure connection and any payment you might make is looked after by Paypal, the most trusted online payment service provider in the world. We do not record or store any of your personal or payment details unless you have give us express permission to do so by subscribing. We respect your privacy and would never share any data with anyone! View a complete catalogue of Cornelius Clifford’s fantasy books here