Well, this seems like a nice tree
Didn’t you steal my acorn?
Dougal relaxing
Dougal climbing
Maudlin the witch
Pink Faerie
Little bat fairy
Dougal setting off
The Faerie Queen amid the buttercups
Nagglemire the dwarf
Baggle Fishing
Watching the Faerie road
Bluebell faerie
Bat Faerie flying high
And I said to him...
Bluebell Faerie discoursing
This   is   where   the   Underhedge   Folk   live.   You   can   call   them   faeries,   the   Fae,   or   fairies,   just   as   you   like.   They   are   the   little people   who   live   under   the   hedge,   or   nearby   in   burrows   and   caves.   Others   live   in   fantastic   nests   and   bowers   amongst   the trees. I think they’re an air headed lot, especially the flying faeries...
Ugly Bat Faerie
Captured on camera; fantasy folk living in the Wild Wood. The Fae, fairies, witches, little people and the rest
The the figures you can see here are poseable puppets or sculptures, most are under a foot tall and don’t seem shy at all.
Prunella and Dougal
I hope you enjoy this gallery of magical Fae Folk, making and capturing them in photos gave me much joy.          Cornelius
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