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FOREST FOLK OF THE WILD WOOD There   are   vast   tracts   of   forest   and   wilderness   in   the   Hidden   Realms,   one   of the   worlds   beyond   reality’s   edge.   These   wild   places   are   untamed   and   remote from   humankind.   But   plenty   of   people   live   there,   for   the   Forest   Folk   are   still people;   they   have   two   arms,   two   legs   and   a   head   (well,   most   of   them.)   But you can be sure they are not human! This   definitive   guide   to   the   peoples   of   the   wilds   is   based   on   the   notebooks   of that   renowned   scholar   of   the   Hidden   Realms;   Cornelius   Clifford.   Within   the pages   of   this   book   you   can   discover   a   good   deal   about   the   tribes   who   inhabit the   wild   places.   They   can   be   anything   from   flying   faeries,   barely   six   inches tall,   to   enormous   forest   giants   standing   fifteen   feet   or   more.   Some   of   the wild   people   are   fantastically   magical,   others   are   utterly   monstrous.   In   this book   Master   Clifford   describes   and   illustrates   a   goodly   number   of   the   free tribes   he   has   discovered   on   his   journeys   through   the   wilds   of   the   Hidden Realms. 102 pages, more than 80 line drawing illustrations, soft cover, 20 x 13 cms
MEDIEVAL & FANTASY DIGITAL BOOKS Cornelius   Clifford   has   written   and   illustrated   a   wide   range   of   books   for   Role   Playing   games;   mainly   plans,   maps   and descriptions   of   medieval   and   fantasy   buildings.   Including   castles,   cities,   an   atlas   of   the   Hidden   Realms,   monasteries,   towns, villages, a Dwarvish underground city and many more. These are available from Dreamworlds  publishers or DriveThru RPG