“Welcome to the Monstrous Creature Talent Agency. You can call me Lord Marmaduke.”
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Cornelius   Clifford   is   the   pen   name   or   pseudonym   of   Greg   Stephens   who   is   a   writer,   illustrator,   artist,   woodworker   and   creator   of many   things,   in   particular   the   quirky   monstrous   creature   puppets   you   will   find   here.   There   are   lots   of   dragons,   a   host   of   weird creatures, lots of fae folk and fairies and even a few goblins and trolls… Cornelius   (aka   Greg)   has   written   and   illustrated   many   fantasy   and   historical   medieval   books   and   booklets   over   the   years,   as   well as being a painter, sculptor, furniture maker and prop maker. CHECK OUT OUR NEW FILMS HERE: EDUCATIONAL FILMS